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Mcm Bags DNA tests prove Roma couple in Bulgaria are parents of "Maria"
30 Comments Add a Comment linkicon reporticon emailicon WhysAlives says: If you're a child victim of human trafficking, then the first thing you need to do is have blond hair and blue eyes. reply linkicon reporticon emailicon PourpaixPourpaix says: If you think the gypsy camps make a poor environment for a child, you should see the orphanages in Eastern Europe. I saw a few in Ukraine. Imagine a Nazi concentration camp on a severe budget,[url=]txtS] omment and rat[/url], without bedding (insecticide costs money) but with a priority to keep as many inmates breathing as possible, unless of course there's an organ donor match.Poor or not, I'd say the little girl was fortunate to have found someone who would try their best to care for her. As the state probably would have done if the law had been respected, putting her in one of those orphanages is probably a greater crime than giving her away without government consent. Adoption of a gypsy by someone not in poverty (i.e., a non-gypsy) does not frequently happen. It's not right, but right ain't got nothing to do with it. reply linkicon reporticon emailicon lee_oni says: Don't they teach birth control in those countries? This is so sad children suffer to such poverty from ignorance. reply ricktrick replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon Birth control is not free, they can't even buy food how are they supposed to pay for birth control and live up to "your" standards. geeze you must have been home skooled. adzmmom replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon Actually under the last romanian dictator birth control was outlawed and parents were fined if they didn't have a baby every year. Thats why there are so many orphaned children in Romania linkicon reporticon emailicon SiaraDelyn says: It seems like this little girl is loved by a number of responsible adults who want to care for her. If one Roma family gave her to another Roma family to adopt, this seems like a case of a minority group not complying with (perhaps not understanding) a government regulation.There's something despicable about the fascination the public has for this one girl when so many thousands of other wonderful kids are desperate for parents. Easy explanation-- this kid's white.It's really quite sad. reply SiaraDelyn replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon Now thousands of adoption agencies are going to bombard the Roma community of Bulgaria, begging for adoptable white kids. The whole thing is sort of grotesque. linkicon reporticon emailicon 167irishboy says: This child trafficking should carrier the death penalty. I never realized this went on until a few years ago when my now ex-wife, two children,[url=]moncler outlet wixbathtub-derby an[/url], and I were going to St. Thomas for a vacation. My ex had to cancel at the last moment due to work and I ended up going by myself with our two small children. On the flight down we had a one day lay over in San Juan, Puerto Rico due to the weather conditions. When we go off of the plan in San Juan and went through the security area the children were taken a short distance away from me and asked if I was their daddy. That's when the light went off and I realized that their were actually no good evil people who traffic children like cattle to sick pedophiles.After that (I am 6'6", weigh 245 pounds, and have lifted weights my whole life) every male I passed I intensely looked them directly in the eyes to let them know,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], "you'll have to fight this big crazy Irish boy from Pittsburgh to the death to get these children."Just hearing this story brings back that memory and infuriates me that people do this kind of thing. reply Jonseen replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon I'm sure your children adore their big Irish Dad, they're lucky kids. :) Dan_Winchester replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon This case has nothing to do with child trafficking. Roma will typically give a child to someone they feel are more able to care for it. linkicon reporticon emailicon ugleyme says: For the impoverished,[url=]moncler sale[/url], it is not so simple as NOT to have children. They have no access to birth control instruction or medicine, and they need the children to help bring income into the family unit. It is part of the vicious cycle of poverty. reply SiaraDelyn replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon glad to see this post. linkicon reporticon emailicon AllRVulnerable says: Authorities looking for birthparents -- cracks me up. They should go on like this for ALL "legal adoptions" !! Headline: "White child found living with a different white family; no DNA match." "Authorities looking for child's birthparents: Please help." The mass media loves to make these distinctions between lawful and unlawful adoptions, but all infant adoptions involve people who feel powerless -- with actual societal power -- preying on the truly vulnerable in our shared society. No one thinks of the development of the child, their basic rights, including the right to know who birthfamily is. This lack of ethics pervades all kinds of post-modern situations where a child is forever denied access to its biological heritage, a birthright. What is the story behind LEGAL infant adoption? Why is this even going on? LEGAL adoption process doesn't protect the child's right to know its biological heritage and adults denied access to original birth certificate. Barbaric. reply linkicon reporticon emailicon Mr_Mxyzptlk says: Yes, lets be frank here shall we Newsiee...Boy arent you quick to drop the prejudice card...It isnt bigoted to look down on people who breed indiscriminantly, refuse to better themselves so they can give their children better lifes than they had, and then complain about their lot in life. ...That fact,[url=]discount moncler jackets[/url], doesnt bug me @ all...Whiners and complainers bug me. Dont like the hand you were deal? THEN CHANGE IT!!!Quit playing the victim card... reply jakeshuman replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon So, I guess it isn't bigotry to dislike some wealthy person who has plenty to eat,[url=]moncler on sale[/url], lives in opulence and who doesn't give a s**t about his his/her fellow man. They just continue to make more and more money and feed off of their society by buying more luxury items, avoid their rightful share of taxes and then claim to be bled dry by the government and "freeloaders"Quit whining and playing the victim card. linkicon reporticon emailicon random_radar says: "The truth is that we do not have money to look after our kids,"So why are they having kids? And who do they think should pay for them to multiply?And they wonder why they ar reply Noni-Pat-Mytushie replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon There must be a TPOTTY Taliban office forcing them to give birth,[url=]moncler down jackets[/url], and then forcing them to starve. ButIPlay1onTV replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon All through human history, a high birthrate is associated with poverty. While a kneejerk reaction is that high births cause poverty, simple observation is the opposite, poor people have kids.It's a human thing. linkicon reporticon emailicon Mr_Mxyzptlk says: "The truth is that we do not have money to look after our kids," he said.Then maybe you shouldnt be having kids if you cant take care of them....Is that so bloody hard to figure out? reply Noni-Pat-Mytushie replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon They could try birth control, if the TPOTTY Taliban will let them have access. See all 30 Comments Add a Comment Submit Comment Click here to add another comment. The posting of advertisements, profanity,[url=]they are almost a c[/url], or personal attacks is prohibited. By using this Web site you agree to accept our Terms of Service. Click here to read the Rules of Engagement. 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People watching the forthcoming beginning of the German half of the inhabitants of Berlin are no interested in co-optation
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