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Signa DisCount ugg boots ture works
The autograph books of the primary school playground, in which signatures were traded like marbles or footy cards,[url=]cheap ugg[/url], have been around since the 1500s. Then known as books of friends , they began as proof of emotional attachments, becoming more and more competitive as kids crowded the pages with each other's names or, better still, those of anyone with the vaguest claims to celebrity.Famous names on letters,[url=]ugg outlet[/url], documents, paintings, photographs and the flyleafs of books (the signed copy remains something the ebook can't replicate) became big business and subjec #file_links[D:\keywords11.txt,1,S] t to fraud. To thrill the fans, Hollywood drudges forged the names of stars on an infinite number of studio photographs. To cope with the demand for presidential signatures,[url=]cheap uggs[/url], the White House has increasingly sophisticated machines to provide them - using real nibs and ink and programmed to provide constant and convincing variations. I'm proud of owning a real royal's signature - Elizabeth I's - appended to a vast scroll of vellum. It's a diplomatic document complete with a royal seal. A seal so huge it's more like a walrus. But I'm more attached to a page torn from a cheap receipt book bought from a local newsagent that bears the autograph, written in pencil, of PM Ben Chifley, acknowledging a donation of four shillings (!) to an Australian Labor Party election fund. I find that unutterably poignant. Barry Jones, Australia's greatest collector of significant documents, gave it to me - along with #file_links[D:\keywords15.txt,1,S] a squiggle of Napoleon's authorising a maid for his missus, a fragment of a letter from Garibaldi and a card granting entry to the public gallery, signed by Disraeli. Among Barry's hundreds of books with fond notes from the author is a copy of the Old Testament signed by God and a draft of the Sermon on the Mount initialled by Jesus.Signatures on paintings, etchings, drawings are life-and-death matters in the auction trade. With unsigned art taking a hammering, even kosher canvases are oft helped along with dodgy afterthoughts. Genuine picture, shonky signature. (And the opposite: a dying Dali was coerced into signing thousands of sheets of blank paper - to which dubious daubs were later added.)Signatures are still required with some credit card transactions. I have proved their irrelevance by signing a great many dockets Donald Duck, Mother Teresa, Tarzan or Cardinal Pell. None has ever been questioned. Yet I've had cheques bounced by the bank when my genuine autograph, a Richter squiggle during a major quake, has been found wanting. Donald Ducks on credit card transactions are not my only forged signatures. I recall doing a signing at Melbourne's beloved Hill of Content bookshop. Ron Barrassi and I were flogging our latest and business wasn't booming. So we passed the time by signing other authors' efforts. While I did some Patrick Whites, Ron did a few Bradmans.One form of autograph I deeply detest is the tag of the graffiti artist. Around the world I've watched with heart-broken horror as ancient walls from Rome to Athens to Sydney Central Station are besmirched by brats with spray #file_links[D:\keywords14.txt,1,S] cans. They also attack my home on a regular basis - and, though a gentle Gandhian, I'd like to pin the buggers down, shake a can and re-pigment their apparel and pigmentation. Mind you, such vulgar vandalism is an ancient impulse. I've found graffiti by mad, bad and dangerous Lord Byron fouling sublime Middle #file_links[D:\keywords12.txt,1,S] Eastern temples. And the Pharaohs were forever destroying their predecessors' cartouches.Soon the trad signature will be replaced by facial or retinal recognition technology. Or a palm or thumbprint, or a bar-code tattooed on your forehead, or a suppositorial implant. That's what aliens do to us during bodily abductions.Phillip Adams, signing off ... SCHOOL funding from federal and state governments doubled over the past two decades but has failed to raise standards in student performance. AUSTRALIA Post has rung the alarm on the swelling cost of basic mail services as the Abbott government reviews public services. BILL Shorten has promoted close supporters to key positions in his first frontbench. TWO senior members of the Finks are in jail for refusing to answer questions in star chamber hearings. THE three-way takeover battle for Warrnambool Cheese Butter could yet turn into a four-horse race. 'Whatever your political persuasion, you have to admire Gillard's dignity and grace' WHATEVER your political persuasion, you have to admire the dignity and grace of Julia Gillard. CATHY McGowan's ousting of Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella holds lessons that go far beyond her rural Victorian electorate. HORRIE was a canine war hero who saved hundreds of Diggers' lives - only to be put down by officials in Australia. But did they get the right dog? THE decision to buy a patch of Queensland rainforest has brought great joy - and a deadly foe. RONNIE Wood has a new wife and a sober life - but it's painting that keeps him on the straight and narrow. WHEN an ultrasound reveals her baby's rare heart condition, Rebecca Schwartz is forced to make the most agonising decision of her life. CATHY McGowan's ousting of Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella holds lessons that go far beyond her rural Victorian electorate. NIGEL Scullion and Warren Mundine are engaging with remote communities to see their problems first hand. OPERA Australia is set to stage Neil Armfield's eco-aware interpretatio #file_links[D:\keywords13.txt,1,S] n of Wagner's masterwork.

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