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Herald Sun The Ugg sale Perch Blog
Sometimes it s hard to tell if your own outrage-ometer is malfunctioning,[url=]cheap ugg[/url], or if something is really not as worth getting as high tempered about as some manage to.One of the things I can t get angry about is the fact a mother, Kim Kardashian, put a sexy swimsuit selfie on Instagram this week showing of her post-baby body .The main point of the picture was to display to great effect that the woman famous for her curves was pleased enough with them despite her maternal status to keep showing them off.Her bottom was the star of the show, closely followed by a generous glimpse of the latest fashion, visible side boob .My reaction? This is Kim being Kim, and continuing to market #file_links[D:\keywords15.txt,1,[url=]ugg outlet[/url],S] really the only thing she s famous for; her bootie. Her bootie is her product, it was out of the shop window for a while due to pregnancy and early motherhood, and now its back out there on the shelf.Let s face it, any Kim Kardashian fan with a PC can very easily find home-made videos displaying a whole lot more of Kim. She is a commodity, she s a grown woman, if her choice is to make a living flashing butt and bosom, then so be it. As one commenter online put it, the shot was no more revealing than one our much loved Miranda Kerr posed for on the swimsuit catwalk in that very, very plunging (and high-cut) once piece while she was still breast-feeding.So what am I not seeing that the editor of one large Australian women s website found so insulting about Kim s #nofilter selfie? It hadn t been photoshopped, it wasn t a warped representation of a woman s body with the potential to make other people feel unattractive, in fact the opposite I think every woman with a generous bum who saw that shot would have hi-fived the screen. Kim Kardashian is normalising non traditional body shapes if you ask me (not that I am a fan of her over-flogged ubiquity, frankly I think we could all do with a break and make it a long one).I ve knocked some marketing stunts pulled by the Kardashians, but this one is just straight out self promotion by an established massive self-promoter and for me it has zero potential to make other new mothers feel bad about their shape.Women are just not that brittle: who is really going to be sobbing in their bedroom, Speedos in hand, thinking If Kim could do it I should be able to, and now I feel less of a person and a mother because I can t ?Unlike another young mother who set social media alight this week with her pic of her in her tiny gym gear with abs and biceps rippling, looking about a size 6, flanked by three kids under four and the headline What s Your Excuse ?, Kardashian is not super slim, nor intimidatingly ripped.She s voluptuous, curvy, and by the standards of ever women s-exercise magazine she would not be considered anywhere near archetypal.I think there s a danger in screeching about every picture of a mother s body on the grounds that it either potentially demeans other mothers or detracts from the respect for mothers, or whatever. Are we saying mothers can t be sexy or seductive? I hope not.Like it or not, this picture is just another grab for attention by someone unlikely ever to win the Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy or Grammy that she needs to achieve what her rapper-boyfriend wants for her a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Kim Kardashian is a consumer good, by choice. What she does should have zero bearing on how other women see themselves. She likes flashing a certain amount of flesh to get attention, yawn, I can live with that.* Do you reckon other mothers would feel bad about themselves after seeing the Kim Kardashian image? Tell me here or joing the new The Perch Facebook community here and chat with me and other readers, or continue the conversation on Twitter @wtuohy They re lazy but feel entitled to fast-tracking at work, they whine and think the world owes them a favour, they have no idea how hard their parents worked to give them a great life – and they lack gratitude.Just some of the stuff I ve heard said about members of the much-maligned group born between the late 1970s and mid-1990s, kn #file_links[D:\keywords12.txt,1,S] own as Generation Y.And I m getting tired of it, because though I have come across some who fit the stereotype, not only is this not true of Gen Y women in my circle (I don t know any Gen Y men well), but I can t see how it helps. Continue reading 'In defence of Gen Y, not as slack as it s painted' .SORRY to throw cold water on a fantastic initiative like Ride to Work Day, but if the following is any indication of the relationship between bike riders and drivers,[url=]cheap uggs[/url], then Melbourne and its suburbs have some serious problems.About 6pm last Friday night as my husband arrived home on foot with a few clubs after hitting some golf balls locally, I heard him being abused loudly in the street.A guy in full lycra was yelling at him for f---king cutting me off and had just photographed our number plate and rego sticker.Problem is, we had not been driving for hours. The engine was colder than the golf clubs, as John calmly pointed out. Continue reading 'The day Melbourne cycle rage came to our front door' AS I write this, I am just home from watching my nine year-old do her weekly training at the local Little Aths. She s been out on the track practising her sprinting with other energetic girls and boys.Little does she know, nor could she understand, how sometimes while watching her at such routine events #file_links[D:\keywords11.txt,1,S] I catch myself feeling misty.Still happy, of course, to see her and her friends so healthy, confident and strong, but sometimes a bit haunted by the faces girls about her age whom I met in the past. Continue reading 'Why my little daughter and yours is so lucky 'You see a lot of ladies on Facebook musing about how lovely it would be to go to some kind of pampering retreat and take time out just to be massaged and facial-ed, energised and generally froofed up. Nothing wrong with that, I ve known a few who ve been to places like the Golden Door or other posh re-grouping centres, and they have much to recommend them (except the early getting up).But in my dreams, I do not see lotus flowers floating gently in lavender-scented baths, or vegan everything for breakfast after cleansing dawn Tai Chi. No, what I see when I half close my eyes and dream of heaven is a messy, random, cluttered place where everyone has bed-hair and is wearing Target trackies, and there s a sign half falling off the gate which reads Welcome to ‘Type A Rehab, Please Check in Your Watch.It is a happy, haphazard place where people either cursed from birth with over-competence, or those who, thanks to parenthood, have had develop it go to seriously detangle.In Type A rehab, your pantry isn t tidy, your phone battery s never charged, and no one can hear you scream – you never feel like screaming, there s so little pressure on you to do as many things as you re used to doing all at once. Continue reading 'Heaven is a place where there are no to-do lists' If you re a parent of secondary kids, I d be fascinated to hear your view on the following: do you think we and our parental generation are winning the battle to shield our kids from the harms of the demon drink? How well are we doing?I was prompted to ask because recently friends mentioned they were really struggling over whether to allow their 16 year-old to a 16 year-old birthday party which she could only attend if given written permission to drink.The birthday girl s mother had issued all the parents of invitees with an ultimatum; either sign this document giving your child permission to drink alcohol at the party (there were going to be vodka cruisers provided for the girls, supposedly in managed numbers) or she may not attend. Continue reading 'As parents, are we losing the battle with the demon drink?' It s a deeply personal parenting decision, and one that changes a child for life. And lately it is again causing parents to go to war online.Circumcision is back in the headli #file_links[D:\keywords13.txt,1,S] nes after a UK website reported today on the growth of men s chatrooms in which circumcised men are discussing feelings of regret, anger and shame about having had something taken away or even stolen from them.Some say they feel sexually incomplete , believe they enjoy sex less than other men and are seeking ways to restore their bodies. Continue reading 'New outbreak in the parent wars over circumcision' Am I a bad parent if I buy Grand Theft Auto 5, the video game fast becoming the best-selling entertainment product of all time, for my kids?I only ask because, like other parents of boys in early teens, I ve heard murmurings about this game ‘everyone else is getting . And I m in the market for a Christmas quick-fix as much as the next teen-parent.So I checked out this GTA 5, and now I d like to offer the following, hopefully helpful, information: don t.Gaming critics are raving about this action-adventure crime thriller, whose detail is so amazing and lifelike it cost its creators, Rockstar, more than nearly every Hollywood blockbuster ($US266 million) to make. Continue reading 'Does buying Grand Theft Auto 5 for kids make you a bad parent?' I am on leave with my family, and will return to writing soon. I d like to take this opportunity to thank the many readers whose stimulating discussion here I ve enjoyed very much this year. To those also on holidays, I wish you a safe and happy time.Wendy For a handy way to gauge what s going on the world around you, simply pay attention to what comes out of the mouths of kids. As any parent will tell you, they re like sponges and evidence of what they re soaking up occasionally leaks out. If you listen you ll form a pretty good picture of their environment. Continue reading 'Out of the mouths of babes come lyrics you wish they didn t hear' This morning as the Prime Minister,Tony Abbott, prepared to unveil his first cabinet, one ABC listener texted in this question: Why has no one seemed to notice that there ll only be one woman in Tony Abbott s cabinet ?He or she does have a point; since the embattled Victorian MP, Sophie Mirabella, pulled out of contention there seems to have been a quiet acceptance of the inevitability that a sole woman will hold a place among the key decision makers. Continue reading 'Plenty may be knocking , but just one female makes it through the cabinet doors' By most standards Disney star-turned pop sensation, Miley Cyrus, has it all. She s made a $150 million, earned global fame (and nearly 14 million Twitter followers) and her new single, Wrecking Ball, just smashed records for views in a single day passing 15 million before its first 24 hours was even up. But just watching her swinging nude but for bovver boots on a giant wrecking ball on the same day that the City of Melbourne announced it would honour our own rad rock chick, Chrissy Amphlett, by naming a laneway after her, I realised the one thing young Miley doesn t have so desperately needs: a decent mentor.If only Amphlett hadn t died too young, I would be seriously tempted to email her in New York and suggest she volunteer some time to a very worthy cause; raising Miley Cyrus. Continue reading 'What Mylie Cyrus needs is a good dose of Chrissy Amphlett' Wendy is a Herald Sun columnist and mother of 3. She writes a weekly column in Herald Sun's Weekend, contributes to The Punch, and she appears regularly on the Herald Sun opinion pages. Chat with Wendy on Twitter @wtuohy Faith says: It really just shows that this generation is all about themselves, doesn't it?Vanity, narcissism, selfishness, self obsession, self indulgent and self centred.Ron says: Wow your entire story is based on three people. oh and the boy friend,the sad thing is my day must be slow because I Rose O'Sharon says: What was the point of Roxon s spray against Rudd? It was meant to be #file_links[D:\keywords14.txt,1,S] a lecture. This wasn t a lecture. fay of perth says: Much of big business ,many real estate operators ,property developers and the like realising multiculturalism s effect on immigration,moved in behind

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People watching the forthcoming beginning of the German half of the inhabitants of Berlin are no interested in co-optation
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