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Herald Sun The Perc [url=]Cheap uggs[/url] outlet h Blog
Join the community at The Perch Facebook page for conversation and extra posts and updates on life with a bird s eye view at or Tweet @wtuohyOF ALL the stuff written about Shane Warne s shenanigans in public life - the texting debacles, the baked beans testimonials, the sneaky cigs - it was this headline from Britain s Daily Mail that bothered me the most: Ken goes golfing: Shane Warne dons matchy matchy ensemble for a round. This disturbing line accompanied a story about how the boy from Black Rock transformed from a rough and ready sportsman to a polished metrosexual and smartly dressed Ken doll with a polished look for every occasion . Continue reading 'On the return of bogan Warnie, God love him' *NEW: Stay in touch with The Perch and get extra posts and updates by liking The Perch on Facebook*THEY are rich, thin and get all the hot boyfriends/girlfriends. But it turns out people who loathe celebrities do it for the same reasons they d possibly turn on a real-world friend. Trying too hard to impress, not trying hard enough to comply with basic courtesies, or backstabbing are - according to one commentary - the main reasons some of entertainment s biggest names hit Star magazine s Most Hated List last week.But just putting aside, for a sec, the p #file_links[D:\keywords13.txt,1,S] ithy question of why do we love to hate celebrities (people we cannot possibly really know)? , how can Gwyneth Paltrow possibly come in higher than Chris Brown? Continue reading 'Why do we love to hate celebrities?' Look, I m sure the lady who put together the latest list to boost the neurosis of the average striving-and-mostly-getting-there parent by a factor of five meant well.It s just that, unfortunately, her Ten Things To Stop Staying To Your Children , which appeared recently on the Lifehacker website, is one step into the too-much-information beyond in my humble opinion. Continue reading '10 things to stop saying to your kids, or not' .Have you heard of Key Performance Indictors, or, to the management boffins, KPIs?I hadn t until quite r #file_links[D:\keywords12.txt,1,S] ecently, writing columns not being a traditional KPI-based job. Unlike, say,[url=]ugg outlet[/url], being a CFO, a COO or even a CEO. Just FYI.From what I can tell (wild guess) KPIs first got popular at the pointy end of business. There are definitely more KPIs in Collins Street than there are KFCs. They are a way to measure your worth at work, a metric of your progress in your role .One good thing about them is that in their original realm they seem clear cut: make your sales or savings targets and you ll meet your KPIs. One weird thing about them is that while these magical measuring tools may be very useful to justify big management bonuses to the shareholders of companies where you need to own a lot of CK ties, recently they seem to have crept out into the real world, where, let s face it, stuff is a lot messier, and harder to run the ruler over. The #file_links[D:\keywords11.txt,1,S] reason I write this is not because I am considering migrating to a workplace w #file_links[D:\keywords15.txt,1,S] here ladies wear flesh-toned hose,[url=]cheap uggs[/url], and probably own hair spray.No, I am 100 per cent certain somewhere in my recent travels I heard the term motherhood KPIs . Continue reading 'KPIs for motherhood? There may as well be' Do you reckon all those hours spent staring adoringly at your online reflection is threatening to turn you into a narcissist,[url=]cheap ugg[/url], or can you not tear yourself away from your Facebook-friend count, Twitter follower tally or Instagramming your lunch long enough to give it any thought?According to the current affairs website The Atlantic, we are in the grip of a narcissism epidemic thanks to our love affair with social media.Several studies have found narcissism – being overly self-absorbed – is greater in millenials than previous generations. Continue reading 'Is social media making you up yourself? Hmm' THAT S hilarious! exclaimed my husband with half a giggle from the couch. It s a singlet that makes you look skinny! He d just discovered the type of garment known to red carpets and shopping centre carparks everywhere as shapewear .The one on offer in the ad promises what looks like non-surgical abdominal transformation, eliminating problem areas . Problem areas included: 1. Back, 2. Bust, 3. Stomach, 4. Sides and Waist, and 5. Love Handles. Basically, everything from your undies up, with the possible exception of your chin. Continue reading 'On Spanx no thankx' Have you noticed all those pretty women riding gorgeous retro bikes with real baskets and the proper bells, pedalling along in a sweet skirt, fitted blouse and kitten heels?Or what about the immaculately turned-out craft nuts, with their hand-crocheted flower-necklaces, op-shop perfect lady earrings and waspish floral sun frocks found in grandma s closet. Look closer, they may not be 25, but 40, and still happily expressing their inner, sunny girl. Continue reading 'Reclaiming girly , and loving it' Wendy is a Herald Sun columnist and mother of 3. She writes a weekly column in Herald Sun's Weekend, contributes to The Punch, and she appears regularly on the Herald Sun opinion pages. Chat with Wendy on Twitter @wtuohy Faith says: It really just shows that this generation is all about themselves, doesn't it?Vanity, narcissism, selfishness, self obsession, self #file_links[D:\keywords14.txt,1,S] indulgent and self centred.Ron says: Wow your entire story is based on three people. oh and the boy friend,the sad thing is my day must be slow because I Rose O'Sharon says: What was the point of Roxon s spray against Rudd? It was meant to be a lecture. This wasn t a lecture. fay of perth says: Much of big business ,many real estate operators ,property developers and the like realising multiculturalism s effect on immigration,moved in behind

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People watching the forthcoming beginning of the German half of the inhabitants of Berlin are no interested in co-optation
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