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Her DisCount ugg boots ald Sun
ACCESS THESE GREAT FEATURES + SUPERCOACH GOLD ONLY WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO Find out more " width="17" height="16"/> SuperCoach Live Scores Real-time SuperCoach scores for every player. Follow Your Team Live Track your SuperCoach team s performance against your opponent from the first bounce. Expert Analysis Exclusive commentary and expert opinion Hawthorn forward Jack Gunston kicked four goals in the win over Fremantle. Picture: Wayne Ludbey Others break your heart with dramatic, awe-inspiring comebacks from the clouds. But to bastardise an expression,[url=]cheap uggs[/url], Hawthorn won their 11th premi #file_links[D:\keywords13.txt,1,S] ership yesterday with a victory that was deliciously ugly. Eleven goals won the day, the star duo of Lance Franklin and Sam Mitchell failed to fire, and the epics of recent seasons were replaced by a tense but scrappy contest. Yet for Hawthorn and a fan base that has spent 12 months dreading a repeat of last September s fade-out, it was utterly beautiful. In so many ways it was a victory that encapsulated everything Alastair Clarkson has built this last decade. The warrior spirit of defender Luke Hodge, bending but not breaking in defence as he just refused to let Fremantle storm the barricades. The recruiting masterstokes in bookends Jack Gunston (four goals) and Norm Smith Medallist Brian Lake,[url=]ugg outlet[/url], one turning the contest on its head early and the other saving the game with total aerial dominance. And above all, the extraordinary tactical brilliance of Alastair Clarkson as he trumped rival coach Ross Lyon. It could be argued Fremantle had the best five midfielders on the field as David Mundy and Nathan Fyfe led the charge, and yet still found a way to lose. Through Clarkson s methods the Hawks divided Fremantle, and then they conquered them. On a windswept day punctuated by bursts of rain Clarkson s game-plan stood up, his charges manouvering a way through and around Fremantle s diabolical zone. With the masterful Lake and defensive cohorts Josh Gibson leading the charge, they cut Fremantle to ribbons around the ground. Lake was a defensive monster, the best story of the Grand Final after his departure from the Bulldogs also clearly the game s best performer. Then while everyone focused on lethal duo Franklin and Roughead, silent assassin Gunston stood tall to replicate his four-goal heroics of the preliminary final. All with just a dozen touches from Sam Mitchell, 13 from Brad Sewell, and just four combined goals from Roughead, Rioli, and Franklin. Fremantle thrives on chaos, forcing opponents into panic, and critical errors. In short, Ross Lyon wants to watch the world burn from the coaches box. Butwhen the stakes were highest, the man who invented Clarko s Cluster then totally overhauled his game plan drew the sweetest vindication of all. Instead it was Fremantle forced into the kind of errors that will haunt Fyfe (three missed shots),[url=]cheap ugg[/url], Zac Clarke (0.3), Ryan Crowley (0.2) and Hayden Ballantyne (0.2) all summer. And while we laud Ross Lyon as the King of Tactics, he will lie awake at night wondering how Lake was not held accountable through the second half. When he was not allowed to roam free he allowed Gibson to take Pavlich and peeled off Chris Mayne to dominate the aerial sorties. In so many ways, this is the premiership that makes everything right at Hawthorn. It means Franklin can depart for northern riches with two premierships and a performance full of bone-jarring tackles and real intensity if not Franklin-esque brilliance. It allows Hawthorn to exorcise the demons of 2012 and consider a dynasty ahead if they can add one more flag to this and 2008 s achievement. And it entrenches Clarkson firmly as a future Hall of Fame coach, a brilliant innovator, man manager and leader of rare ability. Twice Jeff Kennett tried to remove him in the years after the 2008 flag, once temporarily mid-year amid growing losses and once as the ex-president after Round 1 this year. But this year the season s best side is also its premier, after 20 home-and-away wins and yesterday s heroics. This was the game as it would have unfolded in Clarkson s dreams. How else to explain Lake s dominance other than to say he was as clear-cut a Norm Smith Medallist as there has been in recent years, no matter what the votes say. His stats go some way to explaining his dominance - 22 touches, seven intercept marks, three contested marks - and with not a single brain fade in sight. His contested marking has him built for September. No doubt there were other heroes on this squally day for Hawthorn. Isaac Smith, determined to run and carry with all his might and then banging through a 60m set shot post-high early in the last to all but seal this game. Bradley Hill, constantly darting around the forward line with his slick skills and precise disposal with a goal and two score assists. And yet run your eyes down the Hawthorn line-up and there were a host of role-players and honest contributors, another reinforcement of the game plan as yesterday s true hero. Hawthorn built a match-winning lead through Gunston s brilliance and Fremantle s howling errors in front of goal. But the Fremantle surge was always going to come. From 24 points up seven minutes into the second quarter, Hawthorn would come within three points. They annihilated Clarkson s midfield with five straight centre clearances as Mundy gave it to his forwards on a silver platter. Woul #file_links[D:\keywords11.txt,[url=]uggs[/url],1,S] d Hawthorn stand up, or allow those demons of the capitulation against Sydney to cloud their thoughts. This time they had reservoirs of composure, and a big former Bulldog who elevated the 2013 Grand Final to something approaching great. Hills bolts in for another goal!! Hawks lead by 30 points. Lake and Gunston in line for the Normie Breust sharks the pack and drives home his first - the Hawks 10th - to set up a 24-point break. Hawks lead by 10 points at the final change.. Gunston with four goals, Roughead has two. Lewis on 19 disposals, Birchall and Hodge each with 18. Fyfe and Mundy huge for the Dockers racking up 24 and 22 disposals respectively. Pavlich and Walters two goals apiece. Freo-Hawks exchanging goals!! Walters first then Gunston (four) with the quick reply. Nine points the margin close to three-quarter time. Roughead kicks a steadying goal, while Franklin in the hands of the trainers after heavy knock. Dockers mounting a charge, have kicked three of the past four goals - Pavlich with two, Walters the third. Hawks lead reduced to 10 points. Dream start for the Dockers with Pavlich winning a free kick 30m out directly in front!! The skipper slots it and it s a three-goal game. Just the six touches for Sam Mitchell to half time...Crowley doing a cracking job. Fyfe a breakaway Norm Smith candidate if he had kicked straight in the first half... Brian Lake a roughie? Pavlich unsighted while the former Bulldog has 12 disposals and six marks. Dockers pushing but due to poor kicking unable to make inroads.. Hawks lead 34-11. Finally, Mzungu slots the Dockers first goal! He s had 10 disposals to boot. Gunston, again! First goal of the match and now first goal of the second quarter. Sandilands forced off with the blood rule. Critical Dockers kick the first goal in the second quarter. Guerra had his shoulder looked at during the break, copped a knock in the first quarter. Pavlich and Mayne failed to register a possession in the first quarter. Siren sounds.Hawks lead 15-3. Franklin and Gunston 1 goal each, Birchall and Smith 8 disposals. Fyfe and Pearce also on 8 disposals. Fyfe busy with eight disposals but two kicks out-of-bounds on the #file_links[D:\keywords15.txt,1,S] full have hurt the Dockers. Johnson and Pearce among the most prolific Dockers. No surprises here, Crowley v Mitchell, Hill v Hill and McPharlin v Gunston, Johnson v Buddy #AFLGF SUBSTITUTES: Jon Simpkin (Hawthorn) and Lachie Neale (Fremantle) Q4 29:20 SIREN! Hawthorn have made amends for 2012, surging to Premiership glory on the back of a never-say-die effort against an extremely gallant Fremantle outfit. The Hawks take the cup by 15 points. Q4 25:50 A team lifter from Puopolo as he runs down a free running Crowley as he attempted to run in at goal inside 50. It s time to start soaking up the clock with three minutes to remain for Hawthorn.. Q4 22:58 #file_links[D:\keywords14.txt,1,S] BEHIND DOCKERS - No risk being taken by Mitchell as he raises inside the goal square to bash home an attempted flurry at goal. Fremantle are running out of legs. Hawthorn are home. Q4 22:05 BEHIND DOCKERS - These are proving to be costly as the Hawks fail to clear a congested defensive 50 before a quick snap from Pavlich luckily (for Hawthorn) veers away to the left side. Phew. Q4 21:20 BEHIND DOCKERS - They re getting it forward with regular monotony are the Dockers as Ballantyne gathers on the run from the left forward pocket but again curls his effort wide. Nervous times. Q4 20:15 GOAL DOCKERS - Two in a row for the resurgent Dockers as Pavlich leads to the right out of the goalsquare before clutching it. From 30m out in front, Pav offers Fremantle another glimpse.. Q4 18:11 Unforgivable given the circumstances as the normally reliable Ballantyne somehow hooks the ball out on the full from the right forward pocket. It hasn t been his day to be honest. Hawks still by 25. Q4 16:20 GOAL DOCKERS - There s a pulse, albeit it brief, as Pearce roves the pack, opens up a wide angle inside the left forward pocket and smartly curls it home. Back to 25 points. They couldn t could they? Q4 14:20 BEHIND HAWKS - Time for some party tricks for Hawthorn as Rioli s neat mark overhead is shoved to Franklin who winds up with a booming shot from 50m which collects woodworks on its way down. Q4 12:35 GOAL HAWKS - Arguably the straw that broke the Dockers back as Puopolo s long bomb is played into the path of B.Hill who thunders into the goal square before stopping to dribble it home. All over? Q4 12:15 Lake is putting his stamp on this contest as he stands tallest on the second last line of defence to thwart an urgent Dockers foray. On the back of his effort, the Hawks break down centre wing.. Q4 11:50 A piece of individual brilliance from Puopolo draws plaudits from the Hawks faithful as he bashes and crashes into two Dockers defenders just to keep the ball trapped inside the right forward pocket.. Q4 9:00 GOAL HAWKS - Is that the deciding moment? Timing his run off the ball to perfection, Breust waits for a sublime tap from Hale before turning on the jets to curl it home from 15m out. Hawks by 24. Q4 7:10 BEHIND HAWKS - Simpkin is providing some kind of impetus as his hard ball work sees him working it to Roughead who has the goals open up for him. In space from 30m, he shanks it out of play! Q4 4:30 GOAL HAWKS - A major for the ages as tempo football sees Sewell rewarding Smith s hard lead. Completed from 60m out, he unwinds with a cannon from 50m which swings back to split the middle. Q4 3:55 Fremantle yet to see the ball inside their 50 as Simpkin s first involvement sees him screwing a shot around his body which is off hands and out of play inside Hawthorn s left forward pocket. Q4 1:25 BEHIND HAWKS - Roughead continues to hit the scoreboard but on this occasion it s to the wrong side as he gathers a quick release handball but snaps wide off two-steps from 40m out. Hawks by 11. Q4 0:01 Everything to play in the final 30 minutes of AFL action for 2013 with the Hawks leading by 10 points. It s the Dockers who will throw everything at them to snare the lead. The ball is bounced. Away.. Q3 31:40 Three Quarter Time and the Dockers will need to come from behind if they want the silverware as an impressive period seems them within 10 at the last change. Can the Hawks hold their nerve?? Q3 29:59 BEHIND HAWKS - Gunston s presented with a chance to bag his fifth in what will surely be an unforgettable day as he leads to the right pocket to mark within range. Trying a banana, it curls wide. Q3 28:35 Both sets of players are blowing as the ferocity of this third term starts setting in. With three minutes remaining for the quarter, the next goal is absolutely critical. Arguably game-changing. Q3 26:10 GOAL HAWKS - Again Hawthorn find the immediate reply as quick thinking from Gunston sees him keeping his feet inside the goal square to rove the spillage before snapping home from point blank. Q3 24:57 GOAL DOCKERS - They re still coming as Duffield loads up from the centre square to drop it inside 50 where Walters outleaps Birchall impressively. From 45m out, she s home. Hawks by three. Q3 21:59 BEHIND DOCKERS - A foot race between Pavlich and Hodge creates an interesting contest as Barlow s long menacing bomb from the centre square eventually beats all across the line. Alas, it s wide. Q3 20:20 BEHIND DOCKERS - He may an exquisite talent but this shot is beyond S.Hill as essentially positioned inside one of the MCG s Red Rooster shops, he pushes his shot from the right boundary wide from 50. Q3 18:30 GOAL HAWKS - Hawthorn will take them any way they come as Rioli tries to hit up Roughead in front of Sutcliffe. Missing his target, Sutcliffe s pinged for a tough hold. Roughead slots it from 30m. Q3 17:13 BEHIND HAWKS - Fantastic forward pressure from Rioli who sets off after Barlow s hard-ball get before dragging him to ground. Fresh off the boot from 40m out, it s always away to the near side. Hmmm. Q3 15:55 BEHIND HAWKS - A lucky richochet for the Hawks inside their attacking 50 as Roughead seizes possession before hurrying a shocker onto his right boot from 30m. High but not handsome. Wide. Q3 13:59 GOAL DOCKERS - Three in a row for the Purple Haze as S.Hill wins the hard ball before feeding Mayne with a bullet. Steadying his shot from the arc, Mayne hauls the Dockers to within three points!! Q3 12:49 BEHIND DOCKERS - Hawthorn are under siege as Mayne is forced to snap off one step from deep inside the left forward pocket, leaving it millimetres wide. The Hawks are harassed. Are they gone?? Q3 11:32 GOAL DOCKERS - Drama envelopes the G as Pavlich spots up the lead of Walters who throws his head back after late contact from Lake. Replays confirm there was an elbow. Walters steers home from 40. Q3 9:35 Carnage around the boundary line sees Hawks bodies scattered everywhere as the Dockers lift the ante. If Fremantle can nab the next major, it will well and truly be game on. Pulsating affair.. Q3 7:20 GOAL DOCKERS - They re not lying down as Sandilands works it to Pearce in the centre square who bombs forward where Clarke gathers before handballing to Pavlich in an open goal square. Back to 16. Q3 4:52 BEHIND DOCKERS - It s starting to open up unexpectedly as Mayne gathers bang in front on the 50m chalk before acknowledging Suban s presence. Releasing from 52m out, it s punched through. Q3 3:10 GOAL HAWKS - Fremantle are left to lament a costly turnover in midfield as Rioli slides a wide effort to Breust who immediately centres to Roughead. From 40m out in front, Roughead adds his first. Q3 1:10 GOAL DOCKERS - A dream start for the Dockers as Barlow stabs them inside 50 where Pavlich s second attempt at the mark is impeded by Lake. From 40m out to the right, he draws Fremantle to within 17. Q2 28:10 Half Time and this is living up to expectations. It hasn t been high-scoring but has been high tempo with Hawthorn making the most of limited opportunities. Dockers still in it. Hawks up by 23. Q2 27:55 Two chances wasted for the Dockers as McPharlin s surge forward and subs #file_links[D:\keywords12.txt,1,S] equent kick is cut off by Lake before Mayne reloads to find Pavlich who from 55m out picks out Hale s hands. Bizarre. Q2 25:32 BEHIND HAWKS - Yet another hit-out to advantage as Lewis fires off a quick handball to Sewell who motors towards the left pocket and sees his effort smack the woodwork from 45m out. Unlucky. Q2 23:50 BEHIND DOCKERS - Freo continue to fail to capitalise on gilt edged opportunities as Fyfe marks overhead within range from 50m out. Positioned to the left, it sneaks inside the far behind post. Q2 22:20 BEHIND DOCKERS - Requiring the next major to keep within striking distance, a dubious mark is awarded to Pavlich who sets up from 30m out in front. Poetic justice however as it sails wide.. Q2 20:50 An act of bravery by any other standards as Hale throws his large frame head-first into the contest to ensure the ball is trapped inside the Hawks 50. With the new interpretation, he s not rewarded. Q2 18:40 BEHIND HAWKS - A reminder of how deadly the Hawks can be when the ball is won from the centre as Breust s shank is gobbled up by Rioli who snaps across his left shoulder from 25m out. Wide. Q2 17:35 GOAL HAWKS - Breathing space restored for the Hawks as a hit-out to advantage atop the arc sees Breust riding the boundary before squaring up Gunston. From the square, he delivers. Hawks by 23. Q2 14:35 BEHIND DOCKERS - Fremantle turning up the pressure as Ballantyne s long bomb forward is missed by all and sundry before Crowley gathers at ground level to dribble it wide from 30m.. Q2 12:15 GOAL DOCKERS - Fremantle register their first Grand Final goal as a late call sees Fyfe hitting up Mzungu tight inside the right pocket. From the best part of 45m, he steers it inside. Hawks by 18. Q2 11:10 A wasted opportunity for the Docker as Mzungu works the ball short to Ballantyne who decides not to spot up an open Walters who was running back to goal. Ballantyne s shot... misses everything. Q2 9:55 Body on the line stuff from Burgoyne who rides two bumps to ensure the ball is trapped inside the Hawks forward 50 before Suban receives an opportunistic free for a shove from Roughead. Q2 7:35 GOAL HAWKS - It s like slow torture for the Dockers as Spurr goes to ground 30m from goal and with plenty of time, doesn t release. Rioli makes amends for a goal-less 2012 Grand Final. Hawks by 24. Q2 4:55 GOAL HAWKS - A perfect slingshot of a goal as Hodge s scrubbed kick finds Franklin who handballs to Rioli who releases Gunston who streams to within 50m before working it home smoothly. Silky. Q2 3:50 Fremantle s passage as Mundy drives it inside 50 where he spots up Pearce who hurries a right-footed effort towards goal. With the swirling conditions, the wind violently reefs it out on the full. Q2 2:15 Pavlich gets an early touch in the which delights the Dockers faithful who crossed the Nullabour to watch their team. His subsequent effort from centre wing is punched out of play on the arc.. Q1 28:10 Quarter Time and Ross Lyon s record of never having coached a Dockers side that have kicked a goal against Hawthorn in the opening quarter remains intact. The Hawks lead a thrilling contest by 12. Q1 27:05 BEHIND HAWKS - A crucial miss for the Hawks approaching the siren as silky movement down the left boundary sees Hill hitting up Smith precisely. From 30m out to the left, it s slid across the face. Q1 25:39 BEHIND DOCKERS - Comedy on the goal line as Barlow s set shot from 50m is eventually rushed by the Hawks but not before the goal umpire tangled up with Lake. Lake sees the funny side. Q1 23:50 An opportunity for the Dockers to work out their transition footy as Ballantyne breaks free in midfield but then loses his footing upon reaching the AFL logo in the middle of the park. Hawks break.. Q1 21:45 Hawthorn adapting to the swirling conditions a little better as they look to close out the opening term with five minutes remaining. Dockers look a little deprived of forward momentum at present. Q1 19:59 BEHIND HAWKS - Perilously close for the Hawks as Smith s loose handball finds space which allows Burgoyne to run onto it 45m out. Hooking across his body, it shades the right post at the last moment. Q1 17:25 GOAL HAWKS - Unbelievable. With Franklin cutting off an errant kick from S.Hill and shanking his shot horribly to the left, McPharlin impedes the mark and allows Franklin to convert from point blank. Q1 14:25 BEHIND DOCKERS - Fremantle pressing at the G as Suban releases on the fly from 45m deep inside the left pocket but screws it across to the right side. Restrictive. Constrictive. Impressive. Q1 14:10 Fyfe s frame is causing all kinds of issues for Gibson as strong hands sees an impressive mark dragged down from overhead. Releasing from 45m out, it s sprayed across the face. Shocker. Q1 12:30 BEHIND HAWKS - It s all a little frantic at the Hawks goal-mouth as Mundy takes no risk and at full stretch rushes it through for a behind. Dockers defence under siege but holding up well. Q1 11:15 It s all about tempo for the Hawks as a string of left-footed passes ends up with Fyfe and Sutcliffe working it out of their attacking 50 before Pearce heads wide where Burgoyne cuts it off. Q1 9:35 Now it s the Dockers turn to apply the pressure inside 50 as their forward press sees the ball being pinged under Smith. Close to being caught with it, the umpires wisely choose to let the boys play. Q1 7:30 BEHIND DOCKERS - Ballantyne at his creative best as he sharks the spillage at the feet of Johnson before turning to release a snap shot across his body. From the left pocket, she stays wide left. Q1 6:25 Fremantle would be wise to settle for now as Fyfe has an opportunity to put points on the board but from just inside the 50m arc, he murders a set shot off his out-step. Out of bounds on the full. Q1 5:05 Crowley is already getting under the skin of the vaunted Hawks midfield as Mitchell remains down in backplay with a free kick downfield being paid to Crowley. Not sure if he s been felled behind play? Q1 3:40 GOAL HAWKS - He very rarely misses and Gunston ensures his reputation is kept intact as he steers it home from 30m out, with a slight angle to the right. Hawthorn look rather ominous early on. Q1 2:25 Fremantle struggling to clear their defensive 50 before Sandilands nabs possession and shanks it to the left finding Birchall who spots up Puopolo who in turn goes to Gunston who s held. Free kick.. Q1 1:05 McPharlin with no room to move as Burgoyne peels off half-back and thumps the ball towards centre wing where the ball is harassed out of play. Hot and quick footy early on. Brilliant. Q1 0:00 The MCG erupts as Tina Arena belts out a beautiful rendition of the national anthem before each team breaks their separate ways. Pavlich calls heads, wins the toss and points to Punt Road. Let s go.. Q1 0:00 The last meeting between these two was in Round 4 this year with the Hawks powering home by 42 points at Aurora Stadium however you can all but throw that result out the window on Grand Final day.. Q1 0:00 No late changes for either side as Fremantle burst through their banner. Late doubt did hang over Johnson however he has completed the warm-up successfully as Hawthorn enter the race.. Q1 0:00 It s the last Saturday in September and scattered showers surround the MCG as we await first bounce between the best attacking team for 2013 in Hawthorn and the best defensive team in Fremantle.

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