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Came Uggs ron Brewer
Normally I call these posts winners and losers but in this case there are far more losers than winners. Let s take them in approximate order.LosersLen Brown. May keep his job but not his credibility or dignity. If he holds on he is a lame duck Mayor who will face three years of people tittering about him at public events. No real chance  of winning a third term. Faces weeks or more of investigations into whether there was improper spending, his providing a reference to Chuang etc.Luigi Wewege. Exposed as a liar,[url=]cheap uggs[/url], and someone who uses a romantic relationship to pressure his partner into political favours. Now a household name in a bad way. Political future is non-existent.Bevan Chuang. She s had her criminal history exposed, her love life, and her employment history, Worse, she did it all voluntarily with a giggling tape recording of her exploits with Brown, and a sworn affidavit. While she attracts a lot of sympathy as being somewhat naive,[url=]cheap ugg[/url], she also has no political future.Jock Anderson. Fired as NBR Chief Reporter for writing an editorial supporting Brown keeping his job against alleged instructions for NBR to take a neutral line on the issue.John Palino. Palino has done nothing wrong, and I do not believe for a second he knew anything of this. However the actions of Wewege have created a perception that will leave doubts with some. An unfortunate victim, who might have been Mayor if the affair had been exposed before the election.The threatening texter. The person who sent the threatening text to Chuang pushed this issue into the open. A huge backfire. Will their identity be revealed, and who may they damage by association when it comes out?The voters of Auckland. They have to wait three years (unless Brown resigns) to have their say on whether they found the behaviour acceptable.WinnersCameron Slater. As the Civilian points out Whale likes nothing more than page views and visits. He s had 750,000 page views in two days. He not only broke the story, but covered himself by insisting on tape recordings and sworn affidavits. Cameron doesn t want to be liked he wants to be relevant, and this week he has set the news.Cameron Brewer. Brewer wisely didn t contest the 2013 Mayoral elections. He must now be a front-runner for 2016.Penny Hulse. She doesn t want the job, but if Brown resigns she is the most likely candidate for the left, and could well end up Mayor. Will depend who stands against her.In terms of the story itself,[url=]ugg outlet[/url], the Herald reports:Bevan Chuang is confident L #file_links[D:\keywords5.txt,1,S] en Brown will be cleared by a spending inquiry in the wake of their extra-marital affair, saying he paid for everything out of his own pocket.However, she believed that some of the rooms he booked for the pair were offered free of charge by hotel managers. Ms Chuang said she met Mr Brown three times at the Langham, SkyCity Grand and Hilton hotels for sex after collecting the keys to the rooms from reception at the Town Hall.A spokeswoman for the Hilton said the hotel would not give complimentary rooms to Mr Brown, while a spokeswoman for SkyCity Grand would not comment on guests for privacy reasons. A spokesman for the Langham did not return a phone message. The 32-year-old former mistress said: He sometimes takes some time off and goes to hotel rooms, and quite a few times managers would tell him it s fine, it s on us. We can organise somewhere private for you . He often feels uncomfortable and wanted to go down and pay but usually the manager would [insist] no no, it s on us . The rooms also came with antipasto food platters and nuts, she said.Ms Chuang believed the rooms were offered free to Mr Brown so that he could talk about and recommend it for council patronage.I think the only thing which might be worse than having had the Council pay for hotel rooms for the trysts with your mistress, was if the hotels were providing free rooms for the trysts. It s like he s the Prime Minister of Italy.Just imagine if Sky City were providing free hotel rooms for Mayoral trysts, at the same time as Len Brown was backing the convention centre deal with them? Hard to argue that is not a public issue.Mr Brown would check-in at the hotel himself and then arrange for a spare room key to be delivered back to the council in an envelope addressed to Ms Chuang.Ms Chuang, who also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, claimed Mr Brown used the mayoral car and driver to pick up and drop her off on two occasions when he took her to council dinners as his interpreter.Again, hard to argue that this isn t use of Council resources.In another story the Herald reports:Auckland Mayor Len Brown and council chief executive Doug McKay are refusing to answer key questions arising from the mayor s extra-marital affair with Bevan Chuang, including whether he breached the council s code of conduct.The two most powerful figures at the council have stonewalled the Herald for two days on whether Mr Brown has broken council rules and what the rules are for council staff having sex in the workplace. Mr Brown and Mr McKay also refused to say if Ms Chuang had a council contract at the New Lynn market. She claimed to be paid $500 a week by the council as a co-ordinator at the market.So if I have this right:Chuang was a Mayoral appointee to the Ethnic Panel personally appointed and re-appointed by the MayorChuang gained a job at a Council CCO after the Mayor provided her with a glowing referenceChuang has a Council contract as a market co-ordinatorAgain, makes it very hard to argue this is entirely a private matter.The questionsLen Brown and council chief executive Doug McKay have yet to answer the following:• Did [Mr Brown's actions providing a reference for Bevan Chuang] comply with the Council Code of Conduct, including the Conflicts of Interest Policy and the guidelines of the Office of the Auditor-General?• Did the mayor seek advice from the chief executive or the Office of the Auditor-General before deciding to provide a reference or act as a referee?• Did the mayor provide any other references/act as a referee for Ms Chuang on other occasions?• Has Ms Chuang been contracted by the council in any oth #file_links[D:\keywords3.txt,1,S] er capacity, including the New Lynn market?• What are the rules around council staff having sex in the workplace?Len s now cancelled all appointments for two days in a row. The story will not go away until he fully fronts, and these questions are answered,Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInMoreGoogleDiggRedditPinterestPrintStumbleUponTumblr Tags: Auckland Council, Bevan Chuang, Cameron Brewer, Cameron Slater, Jock Anderson, John Palino, Len Brown, Luigi Wewege, Penny Hulse, Whale Oil The NZ Herald rates the Auckland Council half way through their first term. In order:Cameron Brewer AMike Lee ACathy Casey B+Sandra Coney B+George Wood BDick Quax BChris Fletcher C+Ann Hartley C+Richard Northey C+Arthur Anae CLen Brown CMichael Goudie CPenny Hulse CNoelene Raffills CJohn Walker CWayne Walker CPenny Webster CDes Morrison C-Calum Penrose C-Alf Filipaina DSharon Stewart DThe comments on Cameron Brewer are:Brewer is leader of the opposition, and more effective than the entire C R team combined. Some accuse Brewer of being a self-publicist, but there is no more effective councillor at getting their name in the media.Brewer has unashamedly postioned himself as the leading opponent of Brown and provided an alternative voice. The ambitious Brewer says he has no plans to challenge Brown next year. He is probably too far to the right to lure the middle ground.I think Cameron would be a very serious contender in 2016, if Brown is re-elected for a second term in 2013 which is far from certain.Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInMoreGoogleDiggRedditPinterestPrintStumbleUponTumblr Tags: Auckland Council, Cameron Brewer, Len Brown The headline in the Herald is:Brewer s stance dubbed betrayal No, this is not a fall out between brewing companies, but in Auckland politics.Newmarket Business Association chief executive and National Party member Cameron Brewer is taking on the Citizens Ratepayers establishment for the Orakei seat at the Super City elections.Mr Brewer confirmed yesterday that he was stepping down as the self-styled Mayor of Newmarket to stand as an independent candidate for the single-member Orakei ward against C R s Doug Armstrong.A split between centre-right candidates could result in the seat going to Labour/City Vision. If that happens, those responsible won t be popular. On the other hand, it is such a blue area, that even with a split, the prospect isn t highly likely. This is a decapitation strike, a senior C R member said of the decision by Mr Brewer to challenge the right-leaning ticket. He is making enemies out of some of his closest friends. I m pretty angry. John Slater feels betrayed, the member said.Mr Slater, C R president, Newmarket Business Association chairman and former National Party president, said approaches were made to Mr Brewer last year about standing as a C R candidate but he indicated he was past politics.Mr Slater did not think Mr Brewer would win Orakei against Mr Armstrong, whom he credited with doing a stirling job as chairman of the finance committee .From Fiji, where he is holidaying, the 67-year-old Mr Armstrong said Mr Brewer lived 17km away in Pt Chevalier and was not one of us . He is a worthy opponent, but a relative novice. I stand on my record on rates and delivering amenities, such as resanding of Kohimarama beach, Mr Armstrong said.Mr Brewer, a former press secretary to Auckland City Mayor John Banks and National Party Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley, said he respected Mr Armstrong but the public were calling for new faces to bring a fresh and energetic approach to local body politics for the next six, nine or 12 years. I m that person, Mr Brewer said.Time will tell. It will be one of many interesting races to follow.Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInMoreGoogleDiggRedditPinterestPrintStumbleUponTumblr Tags: Auckland Council, C R, Cameron Brewer The Herald headline is:Ex-National MPs deluging Citizens Ratepayers cardI think the sub-editor #file_links[D:\keywords4.txt,1,S] is getting a bit excited here, as the deluge is in fact just two ex MPs, and as one is an ex Mayor also, that is the more relevant I would say.Former National MPs are filling the ranks of the Citizens Ratepayers ticket with the announcement that Marie Hasler will contest the Waitakere ward for the Super Cit #file_links[D:\keywords1.txt,1,S] y.The former Waitakere MP and Cabinet minister joins former National Cabinet minister and Auckland City Mayor Christine Fletcher seeking a position for C R on the Auckland Council.But the real focus is on Mr Brewer:Meanwhile, speculation is growing about Newmarket Business Association chief executive and National Party member Cameron Brewer.The Herald understands Mr Brewer has been approached about standing for C R in the Waitemata and Gulf ward for the Auckland Council if Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett does not contest the seat.Mr Barnett was selected as the C R candidate but withdrew in May after being diagnosed with throat cancer.Yesterday, he said he was halfway through treatment and his position had not changed.The Herald understands Mr Brewer, 37, is also considering going head-to-head with C R s Doug Armstrong in the blue-ribbon Orakei seat to provide a young and energetic alternative to the 67-year-old retired engineer.He is polling to assess his name recognition and see if he could get elected as an independent councillor.It will be very interesting to see what Cameron does.Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInMoreGoogleDiggRedditPinterestPrintStumbleUponTumblr Tags: Auckland Council, Cameron Brewer Newmarket Retailers Assn CEO Cameron Brewer writes:Increasing the goods and services tax would hurt the country s retailers just as they re getting back on their feet. Christmas trade was an improvement on the previous year, but retail is still not out of the woods.It would impact retailers, but the issue is what tax cuts would we get to compensate, and what would be the impact on the overall economy.I d be against GST going up, with no reductions in other taxes. But there is an argument to be made for slightly more taxation on consumption and less on income.My wife tells me that before GST came into effect nearly 24 years ago, she remembers her mother rushing off to buy a vacuum cleaner. So yes, leading up to an increase taking effect, there would be a rush on consumption.However the shops would then go quiet as people s cost of living went up overnight.Yep, but an increase from 12.5% to 15% is a lot less of an impact than bringing in a 10% GST. On an item that did cost $100 a 10% GST increased the cost by well 10%. That same $100 item now already costs $112.50 and would go to $115. That extra $2.50 is an 2.2% increase in total price less than the annual inflation rate of late.If an increase in GST is to lead to a fall in consumption, a tightening of business margins and a Government being hurt politically, it is hard to imagine theFinance Minister announcing it in his second Budget.There are political risks #file_links[D:\keywords2.txt,1,S] around any GST increase. However it occurs to me that the overall economy as a whole would grow faster with less tax on income and capital and savings and a bit more tax on consumption. The target is a 30% top tax rate for individuals, trusts and companies. Now before the recession and Cullen s last budget, one might have been able to do that by reducing surpluses. However unless one is politically suicidal, it will take several years of spending restraint to get back into surplus.Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInMoreGoogleDiggRedditPinterestPrintStumbleUponTumblr Tags: Cameron Brewer, GST Cameron Slater blogged on how to get free parking in Newmarket. Newmarket Lord Mayor Cameron Brewer is not happy and responds with some gentle jabs:Whaleoil claims that in one Newmarket carparking building that offers the first 30 minutes free, people leaving can easily just get a fresh ticket which will get them out for free.“However here’s the catch. I understand that the person would have to be at least over 150kgs to trigger the weight sensors which in turn trigger the ticket dispenser. For Whaleoil to be able to get a free ticket he must be mistaken for a small vehicle. He must be at least the size of a motorbike with an average size adult aboard.” “It is now time for this man to apologise to the people of Newmarket for promoting dishonesty and to the public of Auckland for misleading them, albeit that there might be some free parking for obese people, but they probably have access to our disabled parks anyway,” said Cameron Brewer.What can one say!Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInMoreGoogleDiggRedditPinterestPrintStumbleUponTumblr Tags: Cameron Brewer, Newmarket, Whale Oil

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