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{ Opera House at 40 is Australia's top icon }
Hitting 40 is always cause for celebration, though some humans might not embrace it as much if it is a personal milestone in terms of age. Well this Sun is certainly going to be a G&rsquo;Day for this major landmark Down Under. Sydney&rsquo;s celebrated Opera House was declared Australia&rsquo;s best-known icon ahead of its 40th birthday this weekend, in a report that said it was worth Aus$775 million to the economy every year. The Opera House is more highly esteemed abroad than “national brand Australia itself”, accounting firm Deloitte said in a report prepared to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the building&rsquo;s opening on Sunday. The Opera House injected AUD$775 mil (RM2,348.9 mil) into the economy every year both directly and by attracting tourists to the country, the report found. Over the next 40 years the site is estimated to be worth AUD$4.6 bil (RM13.94bil) including ticket and retail sales, but also in what the report called “intangible cultural, iconic and national identity value”. ”When we&rsquo;re talking about brands, the Sydney Opera House is quite simply Australia&rsquo;s best,” said Deloitte partner David Redhill. ”Forty years ago it was one of the biggest, bravest ideas we&rsquo;d taken on as a nation. Today, it&rsquo;s repaid the faith Australia had in it; nothing else in Australia commands the same degree of universal admiration or affection as the Opera House.” Visitors were prepared to pay 22% more for tickets simply because an event was held at the Opera House, a 3,000-person survey of attitudes to the venue by Deloitte found. More than half of the approximately 650 tourists surveyed from China,[url=]Michael Kors handbags[/urlnt> td> /> sting.php?rivmsquote&p 7"> }ss=="forum"0" cellpadding="0"> /> < width="150"rap"> " thct ord" /f_gaq.hrepe=".fid, i.onton"s[d, i.f=thctedrum" ]badmint!n"-1){ oras['jumpbox'].e="log() } />onton">exion" httpSél/> onton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpinton-W> (à li" albsp; puveau sujchael K oign="mi)p;onton"/>onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 12tpinton-Web 300x250 */efonton"/>onton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpDiscusson"s...p;onton"/>onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 11poPlers" /> onton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpir se pe...p;onton"/>onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 7tpir se peer" /> onton">exion" 8tpir se peer" />onner" /> onton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpL /> onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 4vt/> onton">exion" 5div><> onton">exion" 6">?..." /> onton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpv>onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 13tpL /> onton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpPugh onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 9> onton">exion" 10"" thctedref=thcteddiCothAonton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpeb 300x25 Jeuxp;onton"/>onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 14vtement" /> onton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpL/> onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 1tpL/> onton">exion" httpn> onton"/>onton">exion" httpPa hres onnoecenp;onton"/>onton">exion" http----------------onton">exion" 3tpndes de services" /> onton">exion" 2tpndes de services" /> /f=thcta="hidden" name="ext" value=sidinexion" 7c71d05b466505d7b07645b59cfd3d3ea href="htt"submit" name="loginexion" A;inrw1">
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